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Book Review – Athica Lane by Brynne Asher (Carpino #3)

Cam Montgomery is a single full time dad who knows his priorities: his kids, his job, his team, his side business. Dealing with his disaster of an ex-wife is bad enough, not to mention delinquent football players and a meddlesome mother. Cam doesn’t have the luxury of time for anything more, especially a relationship. Even if it is sassy-wiseass Paige Carpino, who can still be sweet, but at every turn knocks him on his ass with the unexpected.athica lane

That’s figuratively speaking of course. Paige might come in a small package, but she makes up for it in spirit. An energetic spit-fire who has some heat to her sauce, she’s dedicated to her new business ventures, her family and a select group of friends. She’s never put herself out there, but then again, there’s never been anyone worthy of putting herself out there for.

Until one day in a burger joint, an asshole practically enters her into a wet t-shirt contest with his drink. Who knew a wet t-shirt could be the beginning of your life. Or more importantly, that asshole would be your reason for being. But anything and all of the above can happen when you finally put yourself out there for a single-dad-ex-football-player-smarty-pants-hot-man. When you throw the Carpino’s, the Montgomery’s and an eighty-five year old bossy woman in the mix, it’s a recipe for…well…something big.

4 out of 5 stars

Book 3 in the Carpino series (hopefully not the last) focused on Paige, Tony’s sister and Gabby’s cousin.  Paige is 26 and decided to start her own business as a caterer and blogger.  Her sister is going to Hawaii for her anniversary and Paige volunteers to watch her kids for her – and her neighbor’s kids after camp.

While coming out of a burger joint, Paige walks smack dab into Cam – and his Dr. Pepper spills all over her shirt.  Being somewhat well endowed, this was embarrassing for her to say the least.  Then Cam acted like a total asshole – not a good first impression.  Paige picks up her nephews and the neighbor’s kids at camp a few days later, and guess who the dad is – you guessed it – Cam.

Cam is a single father with an absolute train wreck of an ex-wife.  Paige comes into his life like a whirlwind and shakes things up.  Cam is instantly attracted to Paige, but feels he is too old for her (he’s 6 years older).  They kiss and things start heating up between them – and then they fizzle out just as quickly (can’t say why – spoiler).

Cam pulls his head out of his ass finally and gives Paige a shot.  His kids love her.  Paige is a very sweet and selfless person.  Paige has some drama with her male best friend who wants to be more than friends, but the real drama comes from Cam.

I liked Cam, and got where he was coming from.  He was burned big time by his ex-wife.  The summary describes his mother as meddlesome.  I didn’t feel that way and actually liked her.  I love Paige.  She’s a little Italian spitfire.

I love this series and hope there are more books.

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