Top 10 Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday – Top 10 Characters I Didn’t Click With


Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish book blog.

This week’s Top 10 Tuesday is the Top 10 Characters I Just didn’t click with.  Here is my top 10.  With the exception of number 1, these are in no particular order.


1. Claire from Mid-Life Love by Whitney G.  I have not hated a character more than I hated Claire.  She was the most insecure woman I’ve read in a long time.  There was nothing appealing about her.  The only reason I finished the book was the hero, and I quite frankly couldn’t understand why he put up with her crap.

2.  Samantha from Diamond Girl by Andrea Smith.  Samantha is a soccer mom who married because she was pregnant and was in a loveless marriage for many years.  She decides she needs a change – so she becomes a pole dancer.  Really?  Great example for your daughter.

3.  Eve from Fighting the Fall from J.B. Salsbury.  Eve regressed from the first three books into an annoying brat in the 4th book, which focused on her.  The hero, again, was the only reason I finished.  Eve did redeem herself at the end, but for the first 85% of the book, I wanted to bitch slap her.

4.  Jospehine Malone from the Will by Kristen Ashley.  This is the first book by Kristen Ashley I didn’t finish.  I couldn’t.  I hated Josephine.  Just whiny and awful.

5.  Robin from the Alex Delaware series by Jonathan Kellerman.  I always hated Robin.  She was very unsupportive of Alex and his helping the police department.  She was kind of a bitch to him all the time, which made her very unlikable.

6.  Kyrie from Alpha by Jasinda Wilder.  Kyrie had money problems, so what does she do?  She accepts money from a stranger, which then turns into her becoming a sex slave.  Could not relate to her at all.

7.  Molly Burnett from Hope Burns by Jaci Burton.  Molly comes home for her sister’s wedding after leaving town for years but never telling anyone why.  The reason she was on the run was so stupid and far-fetched, and made her a real bitch.  My least favorite of the series.

8.  Wesley Wren from the Body Movers series by Stephanie Bond.  Wesley is a spoiled brat who specializes in making his sister’s life hell.  The sister who has given up her life to take care of him.  Very unlikable.

9.  Darcy Rhone from Something Borrowed/Blue by Emily Giffin.  Really couldn’t relate to Darcy.  She was a narcissist who felt the world owed her.  She treated her fiancé like crap and was surprised when he moved on.  Really unlikable character.

10.  Stephanie Plum from the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich.  I can’t relate to Stephanie because she can’t make a simple decision to be with Morelli, who is clearly the right choice for her.  The situations that she gets herself into are also ridiculous.  Not her fault, but sloppy writing on Janet Evanovich’s part.

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