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Book Review – Ryker by Geri Glenn

Charlotte. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve taken care of everyone around me, including my self-centered older sister, Anna. When her poor choices make us targets of the Devil’s Rejects Motorcycle Club, I grab her and we run like hell. A new city, a new job, a new life. It’s almost perfect – and then I meet Ryker.

He’s gorgeous, rugged and too cocky for his own damned good. But he’s a biker – exactly the type of man I’ve been running from. I have no business getting involved with a man like him. Too bad I can’t get him out of my head.

Ryker – As V.P. of the Kings of Korruption MC, I know all about violence and loss. In my world, getting involved with a woman never turns out well. Avoiding commitment isn’t something I have to work at – it’s just a way of life. Then I meet Charlotte. Drawn to her kindness and beauty, I know there’s no place for her in my world. I have to let her go.

Finding Charlotte battered and bloody late one night, I go against my own beliefs, making it my mission to protect her. The Devils are out for blood and it’s Charlotte’s they want. Maybe I can’t keep her but I will put my life on the line to keep her safe. If not, I face losing the only woman that’s ever made me feel alive.

4 out of 5 stars

I freaking LOVE Ryker!  The book and the man both.

Ryker is the story of Ryker, the VP of the Kings of Korruption MC and Charlotte.  Charlotte is a nurse at a facility that cares for cancer patients in their final days.  Charlotte is taking care of a patient named Smokey, and while caring for him, she meets Ryker.  Ryker is instantly taken with Charlotte – whom he calls Charlie, and she is intensely attracted to him.  But Charlotte has a fear of motorcycle men – and with good reason.  She and her sister are on the run from an MC themselves.

It turns out that Charlie’s sister Anna (who is one of the worst characters I’ve read in a long time) borrowed money from another MC and the MC is searching for her to retrieve their money.  Anna told the MC that if she couldn’t repay the loan, they could have Charlie – as a sex slave.  Ryker gets wind of this and loses his shit.

The whole time, Ryker tells himself that he can’t get involved with Charlie – because she’s too good for him.  He pushes her away, but she already had feelings for him.  It crushes her.  So to get away from Ryker, Charlie fakes being sick and sneaks out of work – and away from the protection Ryker has put on her.  This is, of course, a terrible decision.  But what happens causes Ryker to realize that maybe, just maybe, he deserves happiness.

Ryker was a very quick read – took me less than 24 hours.  While I hated Anna, I really liked the rest of the other characters, especially Ryker and Charlie.    Overall, this was a very good book and I would highly recommend.

Happy reading.

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