Serial Dynasty

Episode 15 of the Serial Dynasty was, in my opinion, one of the best episodes yet.  Bob thanked Ann for the debate last week, and thanked listeners for all their emails and tweets, etc., about the episode.

Bob then shifted his focused by simply stating that Adnan is innocent.  Bob said that beyond a doubt, Adnan, if tried again with all the new evidence brought to light by the Undisclosed podcast, would not be convicted of murdering Hae Min Lee.  Bob also stated that the case against Adnan disappears without Jay’s testimony, and I couldn’t agree more.  It’s amazing to me that 12 people believed Jay’s story, which changed multiple times.  Bob also stated that he doesn’t believe any of Jay’s testimony, and because he believes Adnan is innocent, the tone of show will change.  Going forward, it will be the mission of this show to find true killer of Hae Min Lee.

Bob wanted to discuss Undisclosed episode 9, called Charm City.  At first, Bob admitted he was disappointed in the show, stating that it hadn’t brought forward any new evidence.  Personally, it made me sad.  Then Bob listened again, and found the episode full of evidence not he had not considered.  The episode highlighted the corruption in the Baltimore Police Department, and we heard lots of detective’s name that we have heard in the past.  We heard about the detectives ignoring confessions and ignoring evidence, and it seems that sadly, there are lots of “Adnan’s” in prison in Maryland.  We heard the names Ritz and MacGillivary several times during this episode.

Bob stated that the problem in Baltimore lies above the detectives.  Those in power care only about statistics and image.  If you’ve watched “The Wire”, you saw this first hand.  The mayor was corrupt, and was constantly pressuring the police commissioner and his deputy to lower the crime rate.  As a sidebar about the Wire – it was depicted that a Lt. “legalized” drugs – by allowing drug dealers to sell in one location – as to lower the crime rate in a location that had high numbers in the past.  His idea worked – and then the mayor caught wind and all hell broke loose.  The Lt’s plan had lowered the crime rate, but at a cost.  This was how much pressure was put on the police to lower crime rates.  If you haven’t watched the Wire, I’d highly recommend.  End sidebar.

Bob noted that there seems to be a real issue in Baltimore, especially with crime clearance rates. Detectives have to clear cases or they will be demoted.  It’s not about justice, but about results, which is pretty clear in the way the detectives narrowed in on Adnan from the beginning.  Bob then applauded the Undisclosed team for bringing these cases to our attention.  Bob noted that Detectives Ritz & MacGillivary have been busted many times for improperly handling cases – he wondered how many times were they not caught?

Bob then posed this question – ask yourself this – do you believe Ritz & MacGillivary could have coerced “made up” testimony out of Jay?  For me, the answer in hell yes.  Bob then said something that surprised the shit out of me by saying that he now believes Jays testimony was coerced.   Bob reread all the transcripts, and truly believes that one of two things got the ball rolling to Adnan’s detriment – either Adnan asking Hae for the ride, or possibly Eneahy group report.  The cultural memo provided motive; a Muslim “man” doing an honor killing – which is ludicrous. The detectives convinced themselves about the honor killing theory.  There was NO evidence against Adnan – nothing.  There were two calls made from an area near Leakin park, which the Undisclosed team refuted with AT&T.  Jen was called multiple times during the day Hae went missing; we know Jay had Adnan’s phone that day.  It’s possible that Jay was in some other trouble.

Maybe the detectives threatened Jay with a murder charge.  Maybe they leaned on Jay; threatened to charge him with murder if he didn’t go along with their story.  Maybe the detectives told Jay they had a mountain of evidence against Adnan.  Bob then something equally surprising – that he’s feel sorry for Jay.  I have to say, that in a way, I feel sorry for him too.  The detectives consistently made Jay look like an idiot – by having him change his story, over and over, and most of his story was nonsensical (the trunk pop location changing, for example).

Bob also believes that Urick was involved early on.  I’ve believed this all along.  Bob also believes that Jay’s tears and apology were real – he knew he was sending an innocent man to jail.  Bob stated he believes that Urick and Ann Benaroya were following Serial closely – and told Jay NOT to speak to Sarah Koenig.  Jay’s interview was published first – and the burial time was changed, likely due to the lividity evidence.  Then Urick’s interview comes out, and again, he makes Jay look like an idiot.

Bob ended the episode by saying going forward, he’s going to shift his attention to the suspects, since he believes Adnan is innocent.  Next week he’s talking about Roy Davis, so jump on google and see what you can dig up on him and send it to Bob at theories@serialdynasty.com.

Keep up the good work, Bob.

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