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The Top 10 People from Adnan’s case I’d Like to Hear From

Having listened to Serial twice, Undisclosed and Serial Dynasty, I feel that Adnan and those involved in his case is people I know intimately, even though we’ve never met. There are so many “characters” associated with this story, and there are many “characters” that we have not heard from, or heard enough from. Here are the Top 10 People from Adnan’s case I’d like to hear from.

10. Hae’s family. Other than a few Reddit posts, Hae’s family has been relatively silent. I wonder if they have been listening to the podcasts and if hearing all of this new evidence (especially from Undisclosed) has changed their mind about Adnan. I’d also really like to hear about Hae as a person from their perspective.

9. Kristy (not her real name Cathy). Kristy testified that on the day of Hae’s murder, January 13, Adnan and Jay were at her house, acting strange, and Adnan received a phone call while at her house from Hae’s family. Kristy stated she knew it was January 13 because she had attended a school seminar that day. Susan from Undisclosed discovered that this seminar was actually held on date a week later (January 22 I believe). Does she realize the mistake she made? I would sure love to know.

8. Christina Gutierrez. Obviously, we can’t hear from CG because she has passed away. I would like to hear from the people who worked with CG and can speak to her state of mind while she was representing Adnan (and as it turns out, at least 4 other first degree murder cases at the same time).

7. Don. Hae’s love, who, the day after she disappeared, stopped reaching out to her, had falsified work records and his “rock solid” alibi was his mom. I’d like to hear from him about Hae, and about their relationship, and his “love” for her to this day (as he told Sarah in the last episode of Serial).

6. Detectives MacGillivary and Ritz. Firstly, I’d like to know how they sleep at night, knowing what they have done, costing an innocent man his entire adult life. I have so many questions really – why did they interview Jay without taping, what is their reaction to the tap, tap, tap. I’d mostly like to know why they targeted Adnan in the first place, and if Jay was really a CI.

5. Jay. We heard from Jay most recently in his Intercept interview, but I’d like to hear from him without his Urick appointed lawyer around. There has been a lot of new evidence released, especially the cell tower evidence, to contradict Jay’s testimony. And the lividity evidences obliterates Jay “trunk pop” testimony. I’d like to hear what he has to say for himself.

4. Jen Pusateri. What I’d really like to know from Jen is why. Why did she lie about her day with Jay, why did she lie about hiding clothes and shovels, and why did she and Jay frame Adnan. I’d really like to know if she feels guilty about her role in Adnan’s case. Because she should.

3. Kevin Urick. Same as Jay, I’d like to hear from Urick while not being supervised by his lawyer. Why did he hide evidence from CG? Why did he lie about Asia, a witness who could have exonerated Adnan? Why didn’t he request the incoming call list? Why? So many whys.

2. Mr. S. Why did he really stop in Leakin Park to pee? Did he know Hae’s body was there? I truly believe Mr. S. has some connection with Jay, and I’d like to have that explored. His story has never made sense. I’d like to hear the real story.

1. Stephanie. First and foremost, I don’t believe Stephanie has anything to do with this case, but I’d like to know what she knows about it. What did Jay tell her after he tried to interrupt her interview with Adnan’s private investigator? Why did she tell Adnan Jay had been picked up by the police? Why was she, an athletic, popular, very smart girl, dating a criminal like Jay in the first place? Why won’t she talk? I have so many questions for Stephanie. Mostly I’d like to hear about her friendship with Hae and Adnan.

Who do you most want to hear from?

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