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Top Ten Tuesday – Top 10 Wishes For/About Adnan Syed

There have been many times while I have listened to Serial, Undisclosed and Serial Dynasty that I have found myself wishing things for Adnan. Sometimes I spend time re-playing many of the unfortunate events that led up to his conviction and wishing they had never happened, or that just one thing could have changed and resulted in a different outcome. Often, I’m wishing for his future and wishing that his nightmare will soon end for him wishing that he can have the life back that is rightfully his. Wishing that this horrible, tragic wrong is finally made right. Until that happens, I’ll continue to wish…

Here are my Top 10 Wishes for or about Adnan Syed.

10. I wish Adnan had waited a few more days to purchase his first cell phone. Adnan’s phone was used against him heavily in his murder case, because of the infamous cell phone pings (evidence that was completely obliterated in this week’s Undisclosed episode). Which leads to number 9…

9. I wish Adnan had never let Jay borrow his car and cell phone on January 13th. I know Adnan was being a good “friend” (acquaintance, really) but if he had just kept his car at school that day, none of this would have happened.

8. I also wish Adnan had never befriended Jay. On Serial, when Adnan mentioned that none of this would have happened if he was being a “good Muslim”.  I believe that one of the key things he was talking about was smoking pot and hanging out with someone like Jay. I’d imagine that this is one of Adnan’s biggest regrets.

7. I wish Jay and Jen spent (or will spend) some time in jail for their role in Adnan’s conviction. It’s been proven that they both lied, and we know that Jen was given a lawyer, who happened to be the neighbor of Detective Ritz. They were admitted accessories after the fact, yet neither spent a minute in jail. Wrong and disgusting on so many levels and I often wonder how either of them can sleep at night.

6. I wish that Adnan had a better lawyer or that he would have at least fired Christina Guiterrez before it was too late. I know that CG came highly recommended to the Syed family, but the Undisclosed team has unearthed so many instances of poor representation that it would almost be laughable if it weren’t so horribly tragic. The fact that she was later disbarred (when less than 1% of attorneys are) proves she was not in a right mind and that Adnan did indeed get ineffective assistance of counsel.

5. I wish that Adnan was not the victim of racial profiling. He experienced racial profiling in many instances, most glaringly by the Enehey report, and the prosecution arguing Adnan should be denied bail because he could be a flight risk to Pakistan. It makes me sick to my stomach to think about.

4.  I wish that Adnan realizes how many people believe in his innocence and want him out of prison. I hope he can find some comfort in the fact that there are millions of supporters who are firmly in his corner and desperately want him exonerated.

3. I wish for Adnan that Hae’s actual killer is found. Hae was Adnan’s friend and former girlfriend, and I’m sure her death was devastating to him. I hope DNA evidence will find the real killer.

I have two wishes that are tied for number 1. They are:

1. I wish that Urick, MacGillivary and Ritz will someday be forced to deal with the consequences of their role in this case. I know the likelihood of actual jail time is slim to none for police and prosecutors, but I hope at the very least that they become accountable on some level. As with Jay and Jen, I wonder often how these men sleep at night.

My number 1 wish for Adnan is freedom and exoneration. True exoneration – not an Alford plea (although I agree with Rabia – take the Alford if that becomes available!) Adnan deserves the life that was taken from him. He deserves to return home and be with his loved ones for every single second he wants vs. only during designated visiting hours once or twice a month. He deserves to put his arms around his family, and fall asleep in his own bed. And he deserves to open his eyes in the morning with a sense of excitement and hope knowing that he can do anything he wants during that entire day as well as every day of the rest of his life.

This is what I wish.

Special thanks to my sister Amy for her help with this week’s installment, and for being the one to introduce me to Serial.

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