Podcasts Worth Listening To

I’ll admit it.  Until I started listening to Serial three months ago, I’d never listened to a podcast.  I’d never even clicked on the podcast button on my phone.  Now, thanks to Serial, I’m obsessed with podcasts.  Here are the podcasts I listen (or have listened to) in the past three months.

  1. Serial.  The podcast that started my love of podcasts.  Serial is the story of Adnan Syed, who was convicted of murdering his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee in 1999.  The story is beautifully told by Sarah Koenig over twelve episodes.  A new season is starting in the fall.  I cannot wait.  Check out Serial’s website.
  2. Undisclosed: The Case vs. Adnan Syed.  This podcast is a follow-up to Serial, hosted by Rabia Chaudry (the woman who brought Adnan’s story to Sarah Koenig), Susan Simpson and Colin Miller, Undisclosed is following up on Adnan’s case and looking into it from a legal standpoint.  The information that these attorneys have been able to uncover about the police handling of this case and the prosecution is stunning.  If you like Serial, you HAVE to listen to Undisclosed.  Check out their website.  I would also recommend reading Colin’s blog, which has a ton of great information about Adnan’s case.
  3. The Serial Dynasty.  The Serial Dynasty is a podcast hosted by Bob Ruff, an arson investigator from Michigan who is obsessed with Serial and Undisclosed (like me).    The Serial Dynasty is a listener-driven podcast, and Bob reads tweets and emails he gets from listeners (Bob read one of mine, which was really exciting!) and also is not afraid to discuss his theories on the case.  Bob’s mission is to free Adnan and get justice for Hae and I have mad respect for his passion.  Check out Bob’s website, which tells you how to get in touch with him.
  4. This American Life.  This podcast is where Serial came from.  Hosted by Ira Glass, This American Life is a weekly podcast covering a variety of different topics. I will admit I only listen to the episodes that sound interesting to me, but I’ve enjoyed those I’ve heard so far.
  5. Criminal.  Hosted by Phoebe Judge, Criminal is a podcast with short episodes that focus on a particular crime.  The latest episode, which I found particularly interesting, was about Petrified Forest National Park and how people steal the wood, only to grow a conscious.  Short, sweet stories, told by Phoebe, who like Sarah, has a nice, soothing voice.
  6. AJC Breakdown.  In this Serial-like story, Breakdown tells the story of Justin Chapman, a man from a small town in Georgia who was tried and convicted of starting a fire in his own home, which killed his neighbor.  Add a jail house snitch and you have a good mystery.  There are only 7 episodes, so you can knock this podcast out in one day.
  7. Daily & Sunday Telegraph –  The Alibi.  This is a brand new podcast with only one episode, but it was good enough to hook me. This is the story of two women from an affluent area in Australia who were brutally murdered in the same manner.  Their case is unsolved to this day.  Should be an interesting story.
  8. Reply All.  I heard about Reply All on an episode of This American Life in a very interesting episode, where I learned there were Americans held in concentration camps in China during WWII.  Reply All is a podcast about the Internet and stories surrounding it.  It’s very interesting and educational.

I will admit I listened to Slate’s Serial Spoilers and Crime Writers on Serial, which I enjoyed.  I tried Serial Serial and Serially Obsessed, but I didn’t care for them.

Do you listen to any of these?  Do you have any podcasts you would recommend? I would love to hear your thoughts.

I’d also like to thank those who work on these podcasts for their hard work.

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