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Book Review – Not Your Hero by Anna Brooks

Sam Monroe is cynical and trusts no one. He lives his life just the way he likes it – no promises and no regrets. All he wants is a willing woman a couple times a week to give him a few moments where there are no painful memories.

Courtney Gallagher is a single mom doing her best at raising her young son. She longs to feel wanted again, to receive the touch of a loving man. Even though her heart is fragile, she has hope there’s someone out there for her and her son.

Courtney rents a place from Sam, and their relationship becomes complicated. Sam is willing to let her in his bed, but not his heart. Courtney feels a pull towards Sam, but learns that trust is definitely something to be earned.

Can she forgive his mistakes? Does he want to be forgiven?

1 1/2 out of 5 stars

Definition of epilogue:  a section or speech at the end of a book or play that serves as a comment on or a conclusion to what has happened.

Dear Ms. Brooks – an epilogue is the conclusion of the book, NOT THE PREVIOUS CHAPTER.  This book had no closure.  Not that this book is anything to write home about.

Not Your Hero is the story of Courtney, a single mom to an adorable son (he was one of the best parts of the book) and Sam, her hunky dickhead neighbor/landlord.  Sam had a tough life and doesn’t trust anyone.  Courtney is working two jobs (one in a titty bar) to make ends meet for her son. 

So this story was WEAK.  Moved at a stupid pace.  The subplot with Sam’s dad was really stupid.  Courtney seemed like a really cool chick but got herself in some stupid situations.  This story was pretty boring and I’m not quire sure why I finished.  It was a fast read though.  I’d skip it.

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