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Top Ten Tuesday – My top 9 Superheroes

My top ten Superheroes – though I only have 9!
1.  The Flash.  Barry Allen is “The Flash”, a young forensic scientist who is struck by lightning and given super speed.  I love the Flash because Barry is such a likable guy, trying to find justice for his dad.  The show on the CW is amazing.  Highly recommend.
2.  Batman.  Bruce Wayne witnesses the death of his parents at a young age, and vows to fight crime, becoming Batman.  What I love about Batman is he has no superpowers – he uses brains, brawn and technology to fight crime.
3.  Iron Man.  What’s not to love?  Tony Stark (played amazingly in all the movies by Robert Downey, Jr.) is a rich, hot genius who is taken captive and creates a super suit to escape.  He’s badass.
4.  Thor.  Thor is a god.  Enough said.
5.  Captain America.  Steve Rogers is a man from the 1940’s who is frozen and wakes up in the 2000’s.  He still has a 40’s mentality (which is adorable) and he is hot.
6.  Spiderman.  Peter Parker is the ultimate nerd turned superhero.  I found Tobey Maguire’s portrayal of him grating, but Spiderman is badass and a great superhero.
7.  Daredevil.  Matt Murdock is blinded in youth, but all his other senses are heightened, and he fights crime as a masked man (while blind).  The Netflix show is phenomenal and worth the watch.
8.  Superman.  Clark Kent has been around for ages, portrayed by different men, but he is always awesome.  And he can fly.
9.  The only woman to make my list.  Wonder Woman is a beautiful who can kick your ass and can fly.  That’s enough to make the list.

Honorable mention:  Green Arrow, Wolverine and Aqua Man

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