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Rock Chick Series by Kristen Ashley Books 1-7

Since I’m going backward with my blog, I’m going to review this series in one post, but will review each book somewhat individually and give a brief background about Nightingale Investigations.

From Kristin Ashley wiki:
Nightingale Investigations is a firm owned by Lee Nightingale. They’re largely staffed with a variety of Alpha Badasses and have their feet on both sides of the law.

They handle “investigations, mainly corporate, embezzlement, fraud, theft. We pick up some domestic investigation, only high-income, usually gathering evidence to substantiate adultery or other incontrovertible grounds to get large alimony and settlements.
Book 1 – Rock Chick
Rock Chick (book 1) follows India (Indy) Savage, who owns Fortnum’s bookstore and Lee Nightingale, who is Indy’s best friend’s brother and the man she’s been in love with since forever.  Indy has finally decided to give up on Lee, but her employee gets into some trouble and Lee has to help.
This books is laugh out loud funny.  The dialouge is sharp and witty, the mystery is interesting and the characters, while somewhat outrageous, are lovable and endearing.  Lee is a total alpha-male badass.  Indy is a head-strong, independent woman, and together they are very funny.  Highly recommend this book.
Book 2 – Rock Chick Rescue
Rock Chick Rescue is about Eddie, who is Lee’s best friend and a Denver detective, and Jet McCallister, who works at a strip club as a waitress and harbors some secrets. 
The scenes in the strip club are HILARIOUS, and in this book, we meet Daisy, a former stripper and Dolly Parton look-a-like, who is one of the best characters in the series.  This book is also laugh out loud funny and the storyline behind Jet’s secrets are believeable and also very funny.  The book also focused on Tex, who is Jet’s uncle and became Indy’s barista (and a more integral character throughout the books).
Book 3 – Rock Chick Redemption
This book is about Hank Nightingale, Lee’s brother, who is also a detective with Eddie, and Roxie, who is on the run from a bad boyfriend.  This book had a bit more of a serious tone, with a kidnapping and rescue, but it still had it’s laugh out loud moments.
I LOVED Hank.  He is one of my favorite of the alpha-male bad-asses.  He was such of softy, and was so sweet with Roxie.  This is another great installment in the series.
Book 4 – Rock Chick Renegade
This book focuses on Vance, one of Lee’s employees, who played a big part is rescuing Roxie and book 3 and became her close friend, and Jules, who works with homeless youth and is a vigilante of sorts, personally trying to rid the streets of Denver of drug dealers.
Jules blew in at the end of book 3, so book 4 got off to a fast start.  We were introduced to May, Jules’s friend and boss at the homeless shelter, and her Uncle Nick.  I liked that Jules wanted to take down the bad guys in Denver, but thought it was kind of dumb that she tried to do it on her own.  I loved Vance always had her back, even when she didn’t know it.  This book had a pretty serious ending, again showing the softer side of our badass alpha-males.
Book 5 – Rock Chick Revenge
This installment is focused on Luke Stark, major badass who works for Lee, and Ava, whom Luke has known forever but doesn’t recognize at first because she’s lost weight and he doesn’t recognize her.
I didn’t love this book as much as the first four.  Luke isn’t a warm and fuzzy guy like the others, but he grew on my by the end, and he was so sweet with Ava.  Could only give this one 4 soccer balls though.
Book 6 – Rock Chick Reckoning
This installment focuses on Kai “Mace” Mason who works for Lee, and Stella, the lead singer of the Blue Moon Gyspies, who used to date Mace, but he left her with a broken heart.  Stella has to continually clean up after band members bad decisions, and that’s how Mace comes back into her life.
I LOVE Mace and Stella.  They are a great couple and the story of how they came to reconcile is a very good one.  One of my favorite in the series.
One thing about this book that I DID NOT like was that it had an epilogue and told you exactly what was going to happen to everyone in 5 years, including the people in book 7 (which I had yet to read) and book 8, which has yet to be released.  I don’t know if Kristen Ashley planned to stop at 6, but once she moved on to 7, she should have had her publisher go back and remove the epilogue.  It was fun to know what happened, but at the same time, kind of maddening, since two stories had yet to happen.
Book 7 – Rock Check Regret
Book 7 is about Hector Chavez, Eddie’s brother, an undercover DEA agent, and Sadie Townsend, whose father was a drug kingpin in Denver.  They meet with Hector is working undercover at her father’s home.
For about 90% of this book, I HATED Sadie.  I mean hated, wanted to punch her in the face hated her.  Get over yourself girl!  She redeemed herself in the end, and Hector made this book worth reading.
OVERALL:  This is a GREAT series and I would highly, highly, highly recommend it to anyone.  I shared it with several friends and they all loved it.


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